The tai khampti

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Khamti people

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Songkran (Thailand)

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Due to the almost complete lack of ethnographic material available in Myanmar, most of what is known about the Khamti comes from India. This is the State Portal of Arunachal Pradesh, developed with an objective to enable a single window access to information and services being provided by the various Arunachal Government entities.

Khamti language (Khamti: လိꩱ့်တဲးၵမ်းတီႈ (Khamti written), Khamti: Khampti Shan, Khandi Shan, Kam Ti, Tai Kam Ti, Tai-Khamti, Kamti, Hkampti Shan, and Khampti Sam.

History. The language seems to have originated around Mogoung in Upper Burma.

Khamti language

Origin. According to the Buddhist scripture at Wat Pho, Songkran originated from the death of Kapila Brahma Thai: กบิลพรหม (lit. reddish Brahma).In the past there was a wealthy man and his heavy drinking neighbour.

The drunkard, who had two sons, belittled the rich man for being childless.

The Tai Khampti. By: Chau Khouk Manpoong

The following table lists the languages of India that are classified as vulnerable or endangered.

The tai khampti
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