The reasons for the rising cases of teenage delinquency in the united states

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The United States imprisons more people than anywhere else in the world, both in relative and total numbers. It seems logical that fewer criminals are on the streets as a result of tough-on-crime. Rosenfeld, Richard, Helene R. White, and Finn-Aage Esbensen, “Special Categories of Serious and Violent Offenders: Drug Dealers, Gang Members, Homicide Offenders, and Sex Offenders,” in From Juvenile Delinquency to Adult Crime: Criminal Careers, Justice Policy, and Prevention, eds.

Rolf Loeber and David P. Farrington, New York: Oxford University Press, FBI Uniform Crime Reports, However, arrests of youths under eighteen years of age for violent crimes surged by seven percent.


Reasons for Juvenile Crime

The number of teenagers under eighteen arrested for murder has risen over one hundred fifty. By writing this unit on Juvenile Delinquency: Cause and Effect, I want to raise students level of awareness so that at an early age, students can avoid participating in criminal activities.

Juvenile delinquency in the United States

We are constantly reminded that there are problems with juvenile violence. The National Crime Victimization Survey is conducted every two years, with data gathered in phone calls made to a sample of households across the United States. Violent crime increased in many of the nation’s largest cities inthe second year in a row that metro areas saw a rise.

Violent Crime Is On the Rise in U.S. Cities crime remains near.

The reasons for the rising cases of teenage delinquency in the united states
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