The people of spoon river

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Spoon River Anthology Characters

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Spoon River Anthology

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Edgar Lee Masters

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A section of the Spoon River in Fulton County, Illinois. Prairie Lake.

Spoon River Anthology Questions and Answers

Part of the Jim Edgar Panther Creek Wildlife Area, Prairie Lake is a relatively new body of water. Somehow the people of Spoon River managed, though. Karr tells the reader he became penitent after being taken back.

He went to church and rejoiced in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Spoon River, river in west-central Illinois, U.S.

It rises at the confluence of the West Fork Spoon and East Fork Spoon rivers in Stark county and flows south and southwest to a point west of Lewistown, where it turns southeast, joining the Illinois River opposite Havana after a course of about miles ( km).

The Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Associates invite you to come to Fulton County, Illinois and enjoy the natural wonders of the Spoon River Valley. Spoon River has carved a wide scenic valley through Fulton County as it flows from London Mills to the south and east where it joins the Illinois River near the southeastern corner of the county.

It's the way people regard the theft of an apple That makes the boy what he is.” ― Edgar Lee Masters, Spoon River Anthology. 3 likes. Like “Go to the good heart that is my husband, Who broods upon what he calls our guilty love: – Or a meadow to walk through to the river?

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Spoon River

Spoon River has accounts of the lives of people in the town that explain its goings on over a couple of centuries. Each free form verse is presented as an epitaph of one of the citizens delivered themselves, often criticizing the words said about them on their tombstone or the monument or stone left above them.

The people of spoon river
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