The other side of the iraq

Iraq: The Other Side of the Story

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Death Penalty Database

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The resources wasted on the war exceeded what the entire Third World spent on public health in a decade.[1]. Q+A: In Northern Iraq, the ‘Other Side’ of a Refugee Crisis In early October, the United Nations High Committee on Refugees (UNHCR) opened a new camp in northern Iraq, Darashakran, to deal with spillover from packed Domiz refugee camp.

Jun 22,  · But what of the other "sons of Iraq," namely, the thousands of young men from around the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe radicalized by the Iraq invasion and fed a steady stream of images of U.S. occupation by satellite television channels such as Al Jazeera?

Overview: Iraqi death estimates by source Summary of casualties of the Iraq War. Possible estimates on the number of people killed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq vary widely, and are highly disputed. Estimates of casualties below include both the invasion of Iraq and the following Post-invasion Iraq, –present.

Iraq War (Persian Gulf War and the present day Iraq War.) The Persian Gulf Wars took place in the country of Iraq, located in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iran-Iraq War

It is also bordered by Jordan and Syria to the west, Kuwait to the south, and Turkey to the north. As for Iraq it is time that some one did a serious study of the inner motives of the United States and Great Britain.

Iraq Crisis

When the Great Shah was packed off from Iran, America was very keen to bring him back as it had done once successfully. The return of Khomeini was most astounding to the West.

The other side of the iraq
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