The mockery of jonathan swift to the nature of human beings

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Gulliver’s Travels- a Political Satire Essay

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Gulliver's Travels

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Christ Triumphant

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The book was originally published inand is a science fiction parody of global politics. It is very funny in places, but is dated and overlong. Lindvall finds that there is a method to the madness of these mockers: true satire, he argues, is at its heart moral outrage expressed in laughter.


The Catholic Church is subjected to a great deal of suspicion, if not outright scorn, when it comes to its treatment of women. Does the Church treat women as "second class"? In short, does the Catholic Church hate women?

Few people would put the question that strongly, yet many believe the answer. The core idea of Poe's Law is that a parody of something extreme can be mistaken for the real thing, and if a real thing sounds extreme enough, it can be mistaken for a parody (all because parodies are intrinsically extreme, in case you haven't noticed it).

Military Religious Freedom Foundation Protecting the Constitutional Guarantee of Separation of Church and State in the United States Military.

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The mockery of jonathan swift to the nature of human beings
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