The major advances in the film industry during the 1930s

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1930s in film

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Movies came from the war making the film industry better.

What Technology Was Available During the 1930s?

What happened to the old studio backlots from the 's and s during the s. Some studios, such as Va and Hal Roach Studios, had to sell off their backlots. Technological Advances from to Inventing the Future The years of were a time of great advancement.

The Top 10 Greatest Advances In Cinema Of The Modern Age

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In the s, films were seen mostly via temporary storefront spaces and traveling exhibitors or as acts in vaudeville programs. A film could be under a minute long and would usually present a single scene, authentic or staged, of everyday life, a public event, a sporting event or was little to no cinematic technique, the film was usually black and white and it was without sound.

Planes, trains and automobiles were available during the s, and other technological advances led to the availability of telephones, radios and electric ranges, which improved on their wood-burning or gas predecessors. In fact, the census included the question of whether families had radio.

The decade of the s in film involved many significant films.

Aerospace industry

The yearin particular, Events. Many full-length films were produced during the decade of the s. The s was a decade of political turmoil and economic problems; the Great Depression had.

The major advances in the film industry during the 1930s
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