The history of the hcl business model information technology essay

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In the old times, business took a slow pace, thanks to the lack of tools that would allow for faster business transactions. HCL TECHNOLOGIES History Company was founded by SHIV NADAR with fellow engineers having wonderful RnD capabilities.

HCL Technologies

inshortly after Indian govt. discouraged multinational corporations from doing business in India. Like other firms it got the approval from govt. to enter the market in hardware business. It was the first in Indian market offering technological trends like DOS & UNIX.

The Information Technology (IT) sector in India is the main key factor for the country to advance into a new-age economy. The IT sector is responsible for growth moment of the overall economy since Infosys is a multinational company providing information technology services and business consulting.

The company is headquartered in Bangalore, in the electronic city of India. Infosys is the 3rd largest IT Company in India and 5th largest employer of H1-B visa as stated in the year Infosys was completely committed towards providing quality software services and also developed an IT business model which was later followed by most of the IT companies in India.

Hcl Technologies Essay Pre-mechanical Mechanical Electromechanical Electronic Information Technology history in India. The History Of The Hcl Business Model Information Technology Essay.

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