The cortss conquest of the aztecs in the aztech empire

Aztec Empire

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Conquest of the Aztec Empire Part I

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Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire

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Conquest of the Aztec Empire Part I

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Some of them read the Spanish conquistadors take over the Argentinian. It was a stroke of writing. Nahuatl Accounts of the Conquest of London in. The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire was not just one of the most significant events in the Spanish colonization of the Americas but also in world history.

Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire

Although the conquest of central Mexico was not the conquest of all regions in what is modern Mexico, the conquest of the Aztecs is the most significant overall. Aztec mythology foretold that the present era of the 5th sun would eventually fall just as the previous four eras had done, and so it came to pass.

The Aztec empire collapsed, its temples were defaced or destroyed, and its fine art melted down into coins. InHernan Cortes and his small army of conquistadors, driven by gold-lust, ambition and religious fervor, began the audacious conquest of the Aztec August ofthree Mexica emperors were dead or captured, the city of Tenochtitlan was in ruins and the Spanish had conquered the mighty empire.

By bringing the Aztec Empire under the rule of Spain, he set events in motion which would result in the modern-day nation of Mexico. The Aztec Empire in Inwhen the Spanish first made official contact with the Empire, the Aztecs ruled most of present-day Mexico either directly or indirectly.

Aftermath of the Conquest of the Aztec Empire. Within two years, the Spanish invaders had taken down the most powerful city-state in Mesoamerica, and the implications were not lost on the remaining city-states in the region.

Montezuma, Cortes and a Who's Who of the Conquest of the Aztecs. How Cortes Conquered the Aztec Empire. This event is called the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. It was one of the most important events in the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

Hernán Cortés: Conqueror of the Aztecs

The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire was devastating to the Aztec people.

The cortss conquest of the aztecs in the aztech empire
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