The apollo hoax

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Apollo Moon Landing Hoax Theories That Won't Die

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Apollo 20 hoax

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Oct 26,  · Originally uploaded in July This series was produced from public domain NASA inflight footage from Apollo It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that. The Apollo 20 hoax is a faux story told in a series of YouTube videos about an American, manned, lunar mission that discovered evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization on the far side of the moon.

The Apollo 20 hoax is a faux story told in a series of YouTube videos about an American, manned, lunar mission that discovered evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization on the far side of the moon.

'Fake' Apollo Moon Landing Photo Claims to Show Proof the Mission Was a Hoax. By Harriet Sinclair On 11/19/17 at AM. Share.

The Apollo mission was, of course, not the first manned. Apr 13,  · The fact that Apollo 20 never flew should be all the evidence we need that those videos are fakes. Apollo 17 was the last Apollo mission to the moon, the only Apollo missions after that were Skylab and ASTP in low Earth orbit.

In this exclusive OZY confession, year-old former Hollywood cameraman Max Canard comes clean about his role in what could be the greatest hoax ever carried out: the Apollo moon landing.

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The apollo hoax
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