Studies on the production of garments

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Flow Chart of Garments Manufacturing Process

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Turkish Egyptian Textile Company - TETCO

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The world is moving forward and the demand of garments has a vertical growth not only for clothing but also for households, fashion and industrial purpose. Now, Zhili has become one of the three major production bases of children's garments in China.

It has a complete industrial chain of children's garments which consists of 10, enterprises, including all supporting industries such as design, printing, embroidery, button and garment manufacturing factories.

Crystal Group Uses RFID Tags to Track Garment Production The Hong Kong knitwear company has installed RFID interrogators at 8, sewing stations in three of its plants, so that it can record the number of garments made by each worker. Garments production system is an integration of materials handling, production processes, personnel, and equipment’s that direct workflow and generate finished products.

Simply, it is a way how the two-dimensional fabric is being converted into a three-dimensional garment in a manufacturing system. Production planning and control (PPC) is one of the most important departments in the apparel plays an important role in apparel export business.

It helps to build-up strong relationship with the other departments to obtain maximum output from the export order. Fastest print speed on both light and dark garments.

24/7 non-stop production workflow with ink recirculation and dual-bridge system. the Kornit Avalanche is built for 24/7 operation.

Case Studies. With Kornit’s extensive in-house development and industry expertise, they are the perfect partner for us in our mission.

Studies on the production of garments
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