Beauty through the ages

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Beauty Through the Ages.

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Beauty through the Ages

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Beauty Through The Ages Campaign

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Beauty Through The Ages: What We Used To Think Was Beautiful

Can anyone take part in a barre sanctuary?. BLACK BEAUTY THROUGH THE AGES: Above; A selection of black stars and personalities featured in Ben Arogundade's ebook edition of 'Black Beauty'.

The narrative documents the history of black and African American make-up, hair and beauty, from the first recordings by European writers and travellers right through to todays black celebrities of the stage and screen.

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Beauty Through the Ages As someone in the business of beauty and the human body, I find it interesting to look back and reflect on where some of our concepts of beauty came from. The original human concept of beauty is thought to come from evolutionary cues that would help us ascertain the viability of a mate.

Blond hair was considered to be a sign of beauty and high class. As a result, both men and women attempted to turn their hair blond by using bleach, saffron or onion skin dye, or, in the case of Italian women, by sitting for hours in a crownless hat in the sun.

Beauty through the Ages Perfection is a fascinating concept, yet hardly one that can be used for describing humans, for it is our flaws and imperfections that make us real, memorable and the special people we all are. We love it when makeup artists turn historians on us to document the evolving style of women, but often the images are glamourised and focus on the more elegant examples seen in society.

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Beauty through the ages
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Beauty Through the Ages